Welcome to Playtonia


We at  Playtonia, have a unique offering for the e-sports lovers where we host online dedicated servers for competitive games. The online gaming industry in India is set to hit $1 billion by 2021. The Gaming Community has seen a lot of growth and this has been due to the active participation of gamers and Quality World Class Events. Playtonia’s focus is to develop more and more opportunities for gamers and make India a global leader in esports. It’s an initiative for all esports enthusiasts to not only play but also get rewarded. Therein lies the objective of Playtonia.

Playtonia, a technology platform provider for eSports with amazing features that enables gamers to connect and build community. We focuses on promoting and organizing eSports leagues it varies from huge scale of the casual gaming community to the dedicated eSports enthusiasts.

Our team is made up of multi-talented people with skills ranging from designing, movie making, developing hardware and software. Being hardcore gamers ourselves, we know what a gamer enthusiast wants. We provide a world class experience of Esports to all including the casual gamers.

Global brands and game developers conduct major tournaments with million dollar prize pools.
However, only a small group of professional players can compete for those prizes. It creates inequality and leaves millions of amateur players aside with no chance to compete for major prizes.
We make opportunities for them too.